2015 - Art Alliance Members Show, Lemont, PA

2016 - Art Alliance Members Show, Lemont, PA Honorable Mention 

           Art Alliance Juried Show, Lemont, PA

           Art Alliance Gallery Downtown, State College, PA, 

               December,  In the Palm of Your Hand, December; invited

2017   SPE Credit Union, State College, PA, February - March; invited

           BB&T Downtown branch, State College, PA, February - March; invited

           Art Alliance Gallery, March 10 - 19, Figurative Show

           Art Alliance Gallery, March 24 - 26, Artists Take a Stand

           The Village at Penn State, April - May; invited

           Art Alliance Gallery, March 19 - 26, Members Show

           Art Alliance Gallery Downtown, State College, PA,

               August 4 - 27, Animalia, invited

           Art Alliance Juried Show, September 8 - 17, Lemont, PA

           Art Alliance Gallery Downtown, State College, PA

                Oct 6 - 29, Line Item, invited

2018   Art Alliance Juried Show, The Paul Robeson Gallery at the HUB, Penn

                State, Feb 27 - April 27

           Art Alliance Figurative Show, February

           Solo show, The Corner Room, State College, April 3 - June 1, invited   

           Solo show, Cafè Lemont, Lemont, PA, May - June

           Cool Beans Cafè, Bellefonte, PA, May - June

           Solo Show, Juniper Village, August, invited

           Solo Show, The Sieg Room, Bellefonte Art Museum, November, invited



About Anne V. Buchanan

“Drawing is the art of being able to leave an accurate record of the experience of what one isn't, of what one doesn't know.”  Brett Whitele

I was a research associate in the Anthropology Department at Penn State University for many years, where I studied biological complexity and evolution. I produced digital illustrations for several books that I co-wrote but since I left research, I have been surprised and delighted to find a new kind of gratification in capturing moments, shapes, nature, faces through pen and pencil drawing and through painting in watercolor.  I find that I draw for the moment when a picture comes alive.  

I have two grown daughters, one a violinist and the other a silversmith whose creative inclinations now seem less mysterious. I live with my husband and three demanding and affectionate cats (occasionally willing to lend their services as artistic models) in Central Pennsylvania.